Countertop Refinishing Services In Fairfield County

Countertop refinishing is much the same as bathtub refinishing and tile refinishing. It will allow you to update your existing tile or Formica surface using the same spray-on process as bathtub refinishing and tile refinishing. You can make your existing kitchen countertop or vanity look and feel like brand new again and at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

How long do refinished countertops last?

A refinished countertop last 10 years. a kitchen countertop may last longer depending on the user. We recommend that you maintain the look and durability of your countertop by checking for cracks and discoloration at least once a year.

Cost to refinish a kitchen countertop?

The cost to refinish your kitchen countertop depends on the size of the countertops and if there is any other custom measurements involved.

We also offer a process called Multispec which is a way of giving your countertop or vanity an artificial stone finish. Multispec forms a tough, durable finish that provides superior protection for many years against impacts and abrasions which can shorten the life of traditional laminate surfaces. Ask us more about this process.
By having a professional countertop refinishing company do the work you will realize a 70% savings versus replacement.

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